Report 303

Report of Conformity

Requirement by Anatel.

As of July 1st, 2003 Anatel has required a new documentation for the transmitting stations in operation: Report of Conformity with Resolution 303.

The document refers to the maximum exposure of the population to radiation caused by radiocommunication transmit stations, like mobile telephone, microwave and satellite stations.

According to this Anatel resolution, any transmit station with power above 2,0W (two Watts) must have a Report of Conformity with Anatel’s established parameters. This document should be available at all transmit stations, including those already in operation, and the person responsible for the station should issue a document stating  that the station as a Report of Conformity. This document must be sent to Anatel.

For new stations, the person in charge must issue the Report of Confomity, which will be used for its licensing.

Report 303

Service provided by Embratel Star One to make you compliant with Anatel requirements.

In order to help our customers making their networks compliant with Anatel requirements, we have developed Report 303 service, which provides a theoretical assessment of stations in accordance with parameters like localization, antenna diameter and elevation angle, and transmitted power. Once the assessment is concluded, we issue the Report of Conformity for each station.

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