Importance to Brazil

The investment in the new generation of satellites, which includes Star One C1, Star One C2, Star One C3 and Star One C12 (currently in operation), and the future satellites Star One C4 and Star One D1, shows Embratel Group confidence in Latin America’s future, and renews its commitment to provide highly reliable services, especially for the transmission of television signals from the major TV stations.

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22 Million

Today, more than 25 million households receive TV signals from the Star One C2 satellite, contributing to the culture and entertainment of the Brazilian people.

Embratel Star One has invested in state-of-the-art technology for its satellites. Moreover, the company invests in the control of the services provided at Guaratiba Teleport, the primary satellite control center in Latin America.

Television is one of the most important media in Latin America and always had a strong integrative role, being an agent of culture and entertainment. With a strong popular penetration, more than 90% of the Brazilian households receive information and integrate to the Brazilian context through the television. In some locations, this is the only media available.

The Embratel Star One satellites have always contributed to bring to all Brazilian towns the signals from major television stations, with the same quality as received in major capitals. The new Star One satellites will allow the same quality to be achieved in all countries inside their coverage.


12 years of Digital TV

Although the land-based digital TV system is been defined recently, the satellite-based TV has been digitally broadcast for over ten years in the region. With a number of techniques for audio and video signal digitalization and compression, the TV stations, distance learning, and other companies interested in video transmission leverage the Embratel Star One satellites to broadcast their Digital TV signals.

The land-based digital TV is a technology evolution from Analog TV that provides increased video and audio quality, increased supply of programs, and the possibility of new services and applications. Here, contributing to the Land-Based Digital TV, Embratel Star One satellites are essential for broadcasters and its affiliates to be able to build their Land-Based Digital TV networks.

Optimal Infrastructure for HDTV

HDTV (High Definition Television) provides improved resolution and technical specifications, which bring to end users a movie theater-quality TV. TV stations currently broadcast their HDTV signals, whether satellite or land-based.

The Embratel Star One satellites provide the optimal infrastructure for satellite-based HDTV broadcasting, thus bringing HDTV to all regions within their coverage.