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Embratel Star One, a wholly-owned subsidiary from Claro, is the largest satellite company of Brazil and Latin America and operates five GEO satellites (Star One C1, C2, C3, C4 and D1), and one in inclined orbit (Brasilsat B4).

Firstly designated as Star one, the company was created in December of 2000. Then, it was renamed to Embratel Star One in 2014. To meet new infrastructure demands in Brazil, along with the requirements of major sporting events, such as the Olympics, the company launched two new satellites: Star One C4, in July 2015 and Star One D1, in December 2016.

To operate the fleet, Embratel Star One keeps the best and largest satellite operations center of Latin America, located in Guaratiba, Rio de Janeiro. From it, the company controls, monitors and manages its satellite fleet, with a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians. The local has one of the largest park of antennas of Latin America and the state-of-the-art technology.

All this infrastructure, unique in the Brazilian market, is used by the largest companies, by banks, government entities, TV stations and clients from various segments that required a differentiated communication of data, video and broadband.

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