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NIT - Network Information Table

Embratel Star One offers the NIT – Network Information Table facility to all its TV customers in the 70°W (Star One C2) and 84°W (Brasilsat B4) positions. With this new feature, satellite dish users can view the list of available broadcast stations and their respective channels.

See below how to benefit from Embratel Satelite’s NIT.

Compatible NIT

Extra comfort to viewers

Now, when viewers turn on their satellite TV sets a menu showing all the broadcast stations will appear on the screen. Therefore, it will be easier for them to choose and access the programs they want to watch using their remote control. With Embratel Star One’ s NIT,watching TV gets so much more comfortable.

A free dissemination channel for broadcast station

A free dissemination channel for broadcast station

Broadcast stations have an additional way to publicize their channels with no extra cost. The viewers using satellite dishes can access the desired programs more quickly, without having to zap all the time. With Embratel Star One’ NIT, your broadcast station gets even closer to the audience.


And an additional edge for Equipament Suppliers

When it comes to sell satellite dishes and TV receivers via satellite, the more benefits, the better. And being able to find the desired channels in an easy, quick way means a significant facility. With Embratel Star One’ NIT, your product becomes all the more attractive.


How to use Star One's NIT

See how the installer can guide the viewer to use the NIT Embratel Star One.

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