Special Projects

Customized projects to fulfill your needs with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Learn how to develop a solution tailored to your business needs, with people that understandabout your business.

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  • Design of an exclusive solution tailor-made for your business needs, by people knowledgeable about it. Embratel Star One designers are skilled to find the best service options and offer the one your company really needs, for the best price.

Successful Cases

The goal of the world’s top perfume and cosmetic network consisted of designing and implementing, under an outsourcing arrangement, a comprehensive Multiservice Communication System covering nearly 2,600 shops all over the country.

The project developed was unique in the world to fulfill all the communication demands of a retail shop through a single solution: voice, credit card authorization, Loyalty Card registration and consultation service, Internet access, distance training, update of administrative/sales softwares, in-house radio and live presentations.

Embratel Star One solution consisted in the implementation of a full-satellite network with the required features: VoIP, data communication, Internet access, Multicast IP, MMPEG Video and Audio.

The project was developed with great skill, leading the customer to gain an award for its performance as a supplier. The customer also highlighted its main edges: standardized solution, no need of terrestrial solutions, fast implementation, high reliability, unique technical-commercial interface, flexibility for upgrades and expansions.