Committed With The Future of Brazil

Through their satellites, Embratel Star One and Embratel have played an active role in Brazilian history and national integration process, helping the strengthening of cultural bonds, information dissemination and social-economic development of all regions, from the most cosmopolitan centers to the remotest points in Brazil.

By means of Embratel Claro Institute, Embratel Star One supplies the facilities required for social integration projects, promoting digital inclusion in public schools located in rural areas and distant regions with low Human Development Index.

Schools assisted by the project can access the Internet via satellite, offer online programs, access videos and Multimedia Digital Library collections, and watch PontoCom TV, which transmits cultural and education programs on a 24-hour daily basis via satellite and via Internet.

The Ponto Comunidade Project is a digital inclusion community space available to populations with low Human Development Index, taking digital culture to people without access to modern communication and information media, all that via satellite.

Embratel Claro Institute was developed to promote and manage community interest projects designed to enrich, maintain and keep our national values.

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Watch Ibimirim project video.

Statements of students and teachers of SERTA – Alternative Technology Service, which trains community agents in Sertão do Moxoto, at Ibimirim (PE). The Embratel Claro Institute provides the satellite internet that attends the Ibimirim community and neighboring towns, and also the collection Of Digital Multimedia Library and On line courses.