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About the Star One D1 Satellite

Starting the fourth generation of Embratel Star One satellites, the family D, the Star One D1 is the largest ever built by the company, and will be equipped with C, Ku, and Ka Bands. Its launching is planned for the end of 2016, from Kourou, French Guiana, by the Arianespace´s Ariane V rocket.

Star One D1 will be positioned at 84° W, extending the Brasilsat B4 operation on C Band, besides bringing new capacities in Ku (covering Latin America) and Ka (covering Brazil) bands.

Dados Técnicos

The Star One D1 is being manufactured by SSL, in the United States, based in the platform 1300E, and will have a total mass of 6,430 kg and 15 years of lifetime expectancy. It has a configuration of 28 x 36 MHz transponders (signal receptors and transmitters) in C Band, 24 x 36 Mhz in Ku Band and 18 in Ka Band (equivalent to 300 x 36 MHz, approximately).

C Band ensures the provisioning of voice signals, TV, radio, and data, including Internet. Ku Band allows video transmission services directly to the users, besides Internet, data and telephony to remote locations. By its turn, Ka Band enables the access to lower-cost broadband and high speed data transmission for corporate networks and cellular backhaul.