Embratel Star One satellites allow your business to quickly expand your telephone network, attaining remote locations not served by or not outfitted with terrestrial facilities.

Our fleet is present from Oiapoque to Chuí – Brazil’s extreme borders - and in nearly all of Latin America, with the availability required to provide a first-rate service to your final user.

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  • Fast implementation in locations not outfitted with terrestrial facilities.
  • Flexibility in contracting (change of speeds).
  • Reliable medium, since satellites are not subject to failures found in terrestrial networks due to accidents.
  • Fixed cost regardless of the distance.

Successful Cases

Case 1

Pay Stations

Pay stations, popularly called “orelhões” in Brazil, are a fine example of a satellite telephone service focused on communities living in areas where no other type of technology is available.

This benefit offered to the population is part of the General Plan of Universalization Goals (PGMU) published on a yearly basis by ANATEL.

Using Embratel Star One satellite technology, Embratel has installed over 1,600 pay stations designed to provide communications to the remotest locations in Brazil.

Case 2

A mobile telephone carrier had to expand its network as soon as possible in 15 localities in the North of Brazil not provided with telecommunications facilities. The service should be supplied in a short while, since that expansion was part of the universalization plan mandatory for telecommunication carriers awarded with 3G operation license in Brazil. Thanks to a network expansion proposal with Embratel Star One satellites, the carrier could enhance the service supplied through its network and successfully attain its goals in a short period of time.