How to contract

Transmission Occasional

Now you can lease satellite capacity on a temporary basis. Enhance your possibilities by transmitting events, games and other applications over various times and bands.

You can now contract the Occasional Product SNG (Satellite News Gathering), which enables broadcasting various contents, including: sports events, concerts, TV shows, special news features and more.

The offering is available for temporary rental of satellite channels, by using satellite-based portable broadcasting stations.

The satellite capacity is available in C and Ku bands in the Star One C3 satellite, which is located at 75°W.

Benefits for the entire Occasional line:

- Availability for occasional transmission of events.

- Service support during signal activation via 0800 703 2359.

Broaden the range of your audience with Embratel Star One Occasional Line


IF you are not a customer, but wish to lease an occasional space segment in our satellite, click here.

If you are an occasional client, click here.